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65 Inspiring Social Media Content Ideas

Below, we’ve included 65 inspiring social media content ideas to stir your creative juices. This is a brief excerpt from our 2021 eBook on social media. Read Our Complete eBook on Social Media Marketing Learn more about social media marketing, hashtags, strategy, and...

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10 Absurd SEO Lies

Lies! 10 SEO lies you may have been told or believe. Discover the truth about search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. How is your website really doing?

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Marketing in a COVID-19 Economy

Most business owners couldn’t predict the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we’re in this situation, how should your marketing efforts pivot to reflect the times?

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A Small Business SEO Case Study

This SEO case study describes a small business owner’s search engine optimization (SEO) journey with Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing, Inc. SEO is a series of web best practices that enable websites to be crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines. It...

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How Do I Get My Business on Google?

Each month about 24,000 business owners and entrepreneurs ask how they can get their business or website on Google. Not only is it a popular question “to Google” but also it’s a question without a single simple answer.

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Instagram for Business 101: The Ultimate Guide

As a small or medium size business owner, have you been thinking about using Instagram for Business? Should you? How to Decide Whether to Use Instagram for Business Before you jump onto the Instagram bandwagon, consider whether...

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Google Trends: 15 Tips for SEO in 2019

With the latest Google trends, the search giant made some significant clarifications that can help marketers, web developers, and content writers achieve better SEO in 2019. Here are 15 tips to consider.

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Best Email Software for Your Small Business

Email marketing is still very successful and has a great ROI. What’s more, email marketing software tools are necessary in today’s environment. Choosing one can be daunting. Here’s some insight to help choose the best email software for your small business.

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