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“Greater Chicago Healthcare Link Live”
It’s a mouthful to say. Yet it says it all. Healthcare connections in the Chicago area that network (in person) to meet other healthcare professionals. Where LinkedIn connections become familiar. And new connections soon become part of your LinkedIn network.

How HC LinkIn Live Began

In 2010, the economy sank, and the pharmaceutical branding agency that I called my work home fell victim to the market. It shuttered its doors. Although I was one of the last standing, I became a statistic, yet another unemployeed person looking for my next gig.
Each week I attended job search groups in which 20 to 25 new “members” walked in the door, and one or two lucky individuals “landed.” It’s a club in which no one wants membership–where euphemisms such as “being in transition” become code for feeling like a loser.
Yet the people I met were amazing. Smart, talented, kind. Many have landed to be exceedingly successful in their roles.
It was at this juncture that I met a half dozen people at various healthcare groups–but none knew each other. Some were gainfully employed. (Is being gainlessly employed an option?) 😉 Others were not. So I invited them to my home for wine and beer, conversation and networking.

How HC Link Live Continues

Now “Link Live” has taken on a life of its own. Under the strategic eye of Debra Kurtz and the diligence of Andrea Nosek, the event continued to grow. Debra has stepped back and Andrea and I have been carrying the torch. The event takes place at a venue–a hotel restaurant with catered food and an EventBrite evite.
The purpose is still the same: to help like-minded people connect and help one another in business and in life.
Register for the event in advance and save.