Looking for a marketing communications employee or consultant? You may be hurting your company if you’re focus is limited to one end of the personality spectrum. Check out why your marketing communicator should be these 5 C’s–AND their polar opposites.

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  1. Creative vs Analytical

    Business-to-business marketing doesn’t have to be stiff and formal. Decision-makers are people first. Your marketer should be creating engaging, creative content.
    However, content that is truly effective will be proven in the analytics. For example, is a social media post driving likes, shares, web traffic? Does an email result in high open rates? Are prospects eventually driven to action?
    Arguably, the purpose of marketing is to generate revenue. Is your marketing professional achieving the numbers?
    A marketing communicator who is both creative and analytical will use this statistical information to write the next blog or post and to decide on the next strategy and tactics. The numbers will prove out the success of programs.

  2. Collaborative vs Independent

    Often, job descriptions seek independent, self-starters. Is your marketing communicator also social and collaborative? You’ll want her to be able to conduct interviews and establish a good rapport with interview subjects, clients and colleagues alike. At the same time, the ability to work independently–even when the boss is away–is, of course, a given.

  3. Current vs Experienced

    Digital experience is required in today’s marketplace. Simultaneously, the wisdom of experience and the integration of traditional tactics will make programs more effective. If you can find a marketing communicator who understands direct marketing, public relations, content creation, messaging and analytics, your marketing results will soar ahead of your competitors.

  4. Concise vs Thorough

    Today’s readers have short attention spans, and brevity is the soul of good writing. At the same time, a thorough research and understanding of the market is key. Each droplet of information fills the bucket of knowledge until it overflows into good content. Therefore, your marketing communicator must be both concise and thorough.

  5. Comedic vs Serious

    Well, maybe not “comedic” per se, but marketing professionals are expected to be somewhat “fun.” At the same time, a good marketing communicator will have a strong work ethic that enables her to offer humor AND ensure that deadlines, budget parameters and project scope are on track.

To be successful in today’s marketplace, you’ll need a renaissance marketer–a strong marketing communicator who embodies a range of qualities.

Read the Blog FREE Tips & Ideas