Who are you trying to reach?

If your main target audience for customers and prospects is retirees, Instagram might not be the best channel to reach them. We created the infographic below to showcase the latest demographic research regarding Instagram use.

instagram-users-2019Your Target Audience on Instagram for Business

Pew Research data indicates that about 37% of US adults over age 18 are on Instagram. It skews slightly toward women. It also skews urban (vs suburban or rural) and with higher household income levels.
Mostly Instagram users tend to be younger. A whopping 75% of 18- to 24-year-olds are on Instagram. In the next demographic, 25- to 29-year-olds, 57% are on Instagram. In the older than 65 age bracket, just 8% are on Instagram.
What’s more, Instagram users tend to be college-educated and have higher household income levels. Blacks and Hispanics are active on Instagram with 40% and 51%, respectively, of the adult US population in those groups. At the same time, only 33% of white adults are on Instagram.
In summary, if you want to reach college-educated millennials with disposable income in an urban area, Instagram may be the perfect tool for your business.
(Don’t be misled by these age data, however. Instagram is growing. Parents are now following their millennials to Instagram in droves.)
If you answered yes, to all the above questions then…

  • You have (or can get) interesting photos to share
  • Your strategy includes a social media strategy
  • You want to generate more brand awareness or brand engagement
  • Your company is trying to reach millennials
  • You have the bandwidth or technical expertise OR can afford to hire it

What You Get With an Instagram for Business Profile

Instagram for Business has been around since 2010. Today, more than 25 million businesses are on Instagram. A profile is free.
Unlike a personal Instagram account, it allows you to see analytics. It also gives you the opportunity to run ads. Further, you can include a contact button. (If you have a whopping 10,000 followers, you can also include a link in your stories. More on stories later.)

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