As a small or medium size business owner, have you been thinking about using Instagram for Business? Should you?

How to Decide Whether to Use Instagram for Business

Before you jump onto the Instagram bandwagon, consider whether social media marketing on Instagram makes sense for your business. Ask yourself these five questions to decide.

Start With Strategy

Instagram is a photo sharing site.
The first question to ask is:

Does your business generate rich imagery? Could it?

If you’re a hair dresser, interior designer, realtor, or restaurateur, you can easily take stunning photographs that help you achieve your business goals. Hair dressers and designers can showcase “before” and “after” photos. Realtors can display the exterior and interior of listings. Mouthwatering images of food can drive patrons to a restaurant.
Another question to ask is:

Does Instagram for Business fit with your strategy?

A marketing strategy is your business’s overall game plan for reaching people and turning them into customers. We recommend an integrated strategy with a mix of interrelated marketing tactics that form your marketing plan. Because resources of time and budget are limited, not every marketing tactic can nor should be implemented.
What is a social media strategy?

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