Writing Mistake No. 1: Dive in to writing.

Never use search engines such as Google or free keyword search tools to investigate which keywords and topics people are seeking.

Writing Mistake No. 2: Use a scattershot approach.

Be all things to all people. Never consider a target audience, segment or persona. Better yet, disregard your audience. Keywords and a consideration of your persona might actually lead to website traffic.

Writing Mistake No. 3: Write what feels good to you.

Ignore any overall brand strategy or marketing plan. No matter whether the content fulfills a product or service objective. If it’s fun for you, go for it. Strategy, smategy.

Writing Mistake No. 4: Avoid keyword phrases.

If you must use a keyword here or there, be sure to bury it in the middle of your blog. Never place it at the beginning of your title or in a heading or subheading.

Writing Mistake No. 5: Make long-winded statements that your reader will have a hard time following and be sure to talk about what you had for breakfast this morning, about the long line at the coffee shop, your latest exercise routine or diet, and other topics that will succeed in fascinating your reader–or at least your mother.

Write in complete sentences. Your fifth grade teacher would be proud. Avoid quick phrases. They may entice the reader. If only momentarily.

Writing Mistake No. 6: Really remember thoroughly that adverbs are actually the best words to use frequently in the English language.

Punctuate your copy with the suffix -ly wherever you possibly can. Eschew power verbs. To be or not to be. The verb to be with a good adverb is the be-all and end-all.

Writing Mistake No. 7: Pepper your copy with clichés.

Like the be-all and end-all.

Writing Mistake No. 8: Never consult a style guide.

What you Decide to capitalize Is Really Nobody’s business, but Yours. Randomly include commas in series of words before conjunctions, such as and, or and but, but not always.
Health care? Healthcare? Does it really matter? Ignore consistency between sentences.

Writing Mistake No. 9: Flout SEO best practices.

Never cross-link between content topics on your site. Why would you need to apply SEO strategies? All the web traffic will be flocking to your site, regardless.

Writing Mistake No. 10: Keep it loose.

Don’t guide your reader with a beginning, middle and an end — or numbered content. Let them guess when they’ve reached the end of your blog.

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