SEO & Writing Services for Website Designers

SEO & Writing Services for Website Designers
to Speed the Time to Launch and Delight Your Clients

We’ll work with you and your clients to provide both SEO strategy and writing services,
whether youre a website designer or a web agency. With these services, youll soon have optimized content on your clients web pages enabling you to:

Close and bill clients web design projects faster, and move them to maintenance plans.

Add completed websites to your portfolio sooner.

Create another revenue stream for your business.

Delight clients with an SEO strategy that fulfills, what we call the Website Optimization Triad™.

The Website Optimization Triad™ for Your Web Design Clients

We believe websites must be optimized to achieve three purposes (the Website Optimization Triad™):

1. Branding: the copy tells the brand’s story and delivers the brand’s messages.

2. Users’ Needs: the written words and images help prospects and customers find the information they want (when they “Google” or go to the URL of the website).

3. Bots: the optimized content allows search engine robots, such as Googlebot, to crawl, index, and rank the web pages you design, i.e., SEO.

How Our SEO & Writing Services for Web Designers Work

Our Website Optimization Triad™ Bundle

We have bundled our Website Optimization Triad™ into a 6-month package with a complimentary 12-month audit.

SEO Month 1

Month 1 includes a flurry of activities. Although we call it the “SEO Audit” stage, it is so much more.

First, we work with your client to provide our Brand Identity Questions and NAP documents. At the same time, we gain access to platforms that will help inform the process. Furthermore, keyword research is part of this first month.  Next, we conduct a very comprehensive audit.

Finally, we present this audit report to you and your client. Most important, the audit includes a strategic plan for the next five months.

“NAP” Document

Name, Address, Phone, and more for consistency and local SEO.

Brand Identity Questions

Differentiate clients’from competitor; tell the brand’s story.


Access to Platforms

Gain access to the content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, and free Google tools.

Keyword Research

Speak your customers’ language and know how they search for your clients.

SEO Audit

Identify pages being indexed and ranked. Pinpoint opportunities.


Customized SEO Strategy

Customized SEO Strategy Map to prioritize the most impactful opportunities.

SEO Presentation

Report presentation and SEO education over videoconferencing.

Path Forward

Whether building, renovating, or adding to a website, we’ll provide a unique blueprint.

SEO Months 2-6

One of Google’s favorite answers to almost any question is “It depends.” The same holds true for the strategic SEO plan for your client’s website.

Are you building a new website for your client? If so, the plan will identify which content and URLs to keep and what to redirect to new pages. Plus, we can make recommendations for site structure and navigation. Additionally, it may involve creating content for your client’s new pages.

Are you refreshing and updating your client’s website? Or simply seeing where enhancements can be made? Still, the custom plan would be unique to each site.

We’ve included a sample SEO Map we developed for one client.

Plus, each month, we write another report to see the progress we’re making. That’s because SEO results take time. Furthermore, each month, we present these analytics to you and your client.

SEO Factors That the SEO Strategy Map May Address in Months 2 through 6

 We’ll prioritize the factors that we believe will have the most impact based on our knowledge and experience. That being said, here are a few elements that we may work on in the coming months.

content icon
Content Writing

“On-brand” content with appropriate keyword phrases. Demonstrates E-A-T.

links icon

Legitimate internal and external links.

technology icon
Technical Aspects

Technical aspects, such as Page Experience factors, sitemaps, and more.

citations icon
Ranking Factors

Focus on areas of greatest opportunity.

Local SEO

Optimized local pages, when appropriate.

Broken “Stuff”

Repairs or recommendations.

Monthly SEO Audit

Monthly audit to showcase progress and opportunities.

SEO Presentations & Education

Presentation and screen share of objective monthly report.

Sample SEO Strategy Map for Website Optimization Triad Package

Complimentary SEO Audit Month 12

Ideally, analytics should be monitored at least monthly—if not more frequently. Alas, many client budgets do not allow for month 7 to 11 monthly analytics.

To meet those needs, we do offer a complimentary 12-month review.

Unless your client has a seasonal business (or there is a sudden algorithm change), we tend to see even more SEO improvements at 12 months.

Complimentary 12-Month Audit

Nearly identical to the monthly audit,we’ll monitor continued progress and evolving SEO opportunities.

SEO Presentations & Education

Over your preferred videoconferencing platform, we’ll present the 1-year audit report and answer questions.

SEO Content Writing Services for Web Designers’ Clients

Just need content for your client’s website pages? We can do that, too! We’ll do keywords research and use our Easy SEO™ Web Content Writing Template to provide that content to you.

Here’s what other website designers have told us about their clients:

  • Writing isn’t their forte (and why should it be?)
  • SEO is a foreign concept
  • Motivation to write website copy is lacking
  • Knowing where and how to start writing is a problem

That’s where we come in.

In some cases, we research the topic and provide the page content. For example, with her strong science and healthcare background, Nancy Burgess can often provide this service—even for complex health topics. Other times, it makes sense to interview the client.

In all cases, we have you review the copy first, if you choose. Afterward, we present the copy to your client for their review and approval before it goes on the website.

FAQs About Services for Web Designers


How much do your SEO services for website designers cost?

The current price of the 6-month Website Optimization Triad™ package is $600 for each of six months. This includes all the additional brand identity, access, setup and other upfront work. All of this tends to be many more hours, but we spread out the payment over the months so that it can be more affordable.

Our current per page fee is $375 for keyword research, SEO strategies, and optimized copy.

Our current hourly rate is $125.

May I mark up your services?

Definitely. For example, if hours go beyond the Burgess Website Optimization Triad™ package, we offer web designers an hourly rate that is 20% lower so that you can mark it up and collect the 20%. Again, our current hourly rate is $125.

When is the best time to implement an SEO plan?

Ideally, the best time is BEFORE any site is built. However, we often inherit websites that were not designed with SEO in mind. Therefore, the Website Optimization Triad™ often makes sense. Even if we have to retrofit it.

Google writes:If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better. A great time to hire is when you’re considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site.”

How do you keep up with SEO? Isn’t it always changing?

The basic principles of SEO stay the same in terms of the need for two overall factors.

The first is quality content (i.e., expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, or EAT). The second is a user-friendly web site. However, yes, it is constantly evolving because the search returns themselves are constantly evolving.

To keep my ear to the SEO ground, I tune into the Google SEO Office Hours on Google Search Central each week. I also try diligently to keep up with high-quality newsletters and blogs.

You design websites, too. Will you steal my clients?

No, we would never knowingly overlap your services. Although we use some of our own proprietary branded tools, you may refer to us as your partner under your business name.

In other words, only our signature line, the NAP, Brand Identity Question, and other proprietary tools would have the Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing logo.

If we offer a service, you do not provide and your client asks us for it, we would go to you first for your approval. If you choose, you could bill this second service under your name as well.

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