Marketing Case Studies

Case Study 1: Generating Leads and Growing Revenue

How did SEO Expert Nancy Burgess increase year-over-year growth in web leads and web revenue almost 60% in the first year and nearly ANOTHER 40% in the second?


SEO Expert Services for Generating Leads

“If you can’t get found, you can’t generate a lead,” says Nancy Burgess, owner of Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing.

That’s why Nancy Burgess started the process of generating more leads by getting more traffic with expert search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Nancy began with keywords and keyword phrases. But she went well beyond that basic approach to getting listed on Google, applying multiple SEO strategies. These included creating the right title tags, alt image tags, URL names, H1s and H2s, and consistently applying these throughout the website.

These SEO plan helped search engines, such as Google, to crawl the site. In turn, this helped the site to be listed and ranked in that coveted top spot on the first page of the search results.

In fact, Nancy increased the SEOMoz score 2.3 points in just 6 weeks. That’s on a logarithmic scale. (Remember logarithms from math class? Yeah, we barely do either. But we know it’s exponential and made a huge difference for the company.) Monthly traffic grew by tens of thousands.

With additional digital marketing plans that created more leads for sales teams across the company, revenue increased year over year.

Nancy attributes that success, in part, to DePaul Kellstadt and the SEO expert services it taught in its Practical Internet Marketing classes.

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Case Study 2: Building a Launch Marketing Plan

How did we help a new company launch in under three months? Read Creating a Launch Marketing Plan.

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Case Study 3: Creating a Brand Identity

How did Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing help a niche healthcare consultancy establish a strong brand presence? Read Creating a Brand Identity.


Case Study 4: Developing a Brand Identity, Messaging and Website

How did Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing help a small business startup company showcase its value online?


MedNavigate, a healthcare consultancy that specializes in health economics, approached Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing for some branding work and a website.

It already had a great name, but its logo, tagline, messaging and website presented opportunities to improve the look, feel, sound and perceived value of the brand.


See the New MedNavigate Website

Our Branding, Website and SEO Expert Services

To evolve the brand and showcase the company’s value, we engaged in the following activities:

  • Wrote a distinctive tagline
  • Updated the logo
  • Designed stationery, business cards, and presentation templates
  • Created unique messaging
  • Developed website and content optimized for search engines
  • Launched the new website

The Result

See the New MedNavigate Website

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Case Study 5: Creating SEO Content

Content includes the words, images and videos on a web page or social media post. Where did Owner Nancy Burgess learn to write website content?


Some skills you work at. Others come almost effortlessly. For SEO expert Nancy Burgess, writing has always been in the latter category.

Nancy honed her skills while writing for newspapers and magazines.

She conquered a “slush” pile of 30,000 unsolicited queries at national magazines that accepted half a dozen of these each year. Additionally, Nancy took college courses in journalism, public relations and feature writing.

Before working at marketing agencies where she developed print and digital content skills, Digital Strategist Nancy Burgess’s clients included:

  • Family Circle Magazine 
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • Healthy Kids (The American Academy of Pediatrics’ publication)
  • Modern Maturity (The AARP’s publication)
  • American Food and Ag Exporter
  • Deli Business
  • Writer’s Digest
  • More

In all, she published close to 100 articles under her own byline and others.

What’s more, interviewing, researching and writing skills easily translated into print collateral and later into SEO expert services in website and social media content creation.

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Case Study 6: Attracting Trade Show Traffic

How did Owner Nancy Burgess create a brochure that attracted customers to our client’s booth?


The short answer? She listened.

When industry subject matter experts (SMEs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs) reported a diagnostic gap in the rare disease market space, Nancy organized their feedback into a comprehensive tool with a catchy name: “Ask 8 to Differentiate.”

Not only did this capture traffic at the booth but also the tool became an industry standard. In addition, she developed visual concepts and hired illustrators to create unique teaching slides. She also wrote and/or edited all of the SEO-optimized content on the disease-state website. These pages were featured on the flat screen television at the booth.

The result? Booth traffic was constant and the envy of competitors.

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