We are a full-service


Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. is a full-service marketing agency. We serve small and medium-size businesses (less than $100MM). 

Our Online Marketing Agency Services

We help you:

  • Create excitement about your business
  • Attract your potential customers (or clients) to it
  • Engage these individuals with relevant messages
  • Turn them into loyal advocates of your business

We incorporate our marketing expertise and integrated strategies and tactics based on your business’s unique needs. In other words, we never take a “cookie-cutter” approach.

These services help us efficiently achieve measurable results. 

 Create Awareness and Excitement About Your Business

Brand Identity

No one wants to work with a company that makes a bad impression. We help your business look and sound good.

Web Design

A well-designed website legitimizes your business. It proves you exist! It's your 21st century calling card. We create only well-optimized websites.

PR & Social Media

Integrating social media and public relations into your marketing helps generate more excitement about your business. It can drive interest in what you do.

 Attract and Engage Potential Customers (or Clients) . . . Grow Your Revenue

Content Marketing

Applying our local and national writing experience, we create blogs, web pages, eBooks, brochures, and more that your customers will read.

CRM Services

We’ll design, implement, and automate these revenue-driving solutions for your marketing and/or sales efforts. What's a CRM?


We'll help customers find your business (and not just your home page) on Google and other search engines. This is called SEO.

Recent BLOGS

Get your marketing on! Read some of our recent blogs to learn more about how to grow your business.

web designer at work in front of computer

SEO Updates for SMB Web Designers

Optimize in 2022! Google has made a LOT of SEO updates. SMB web designers need to be aware of recent SEO changes and adapt web designs and content.

miniature shopping cart with packages on laptop computer representing ecommerce traffic

How to Pay Less for Ecommerce Traffic: Google’s SEO Roadmap Revealed

Want more shoppers in your online store? Tired of paying big bucks for ads? Here’s how to pay less for ecommerce traffic. Google’s Roadmap. We summarize Google’s ecommerce guidelines for business owners, marketers, and other mere mortals.


Video: SEO 101 for Business Owners and Executives

Video: SEO 101 for Business Owners and Executives. Learn about SEO at a high level. What is it? Why do it? How does it work? SEO is like making pizza!


Recent Google Algorithm Updates: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Expect these Google algorithm updates in the first half of 2021: Passage Ranking, Mobile-first Indexing, and the Page Experience Update–a group of website benchmarks and signals that will affect your rankings. Is your business prepared?

google search on a tablet

Definitive Answers From Google to SEO Questions and the Web

Get Definitive Answers to SEO questions about content, crawling, indexing, web and ranking. Highlights of Google’s answers from John Mueller, Search Advocate at Google.


The Least Sexy, Totally Free SEO Tools That Can Transform Your Business

Check out these totally unsexy, FREE SEO tools to learn how your site is doing, how you can improve your search rankings, and transform your business.


10 Absurd SEO Lies

Lies! 10 SEO lies you may have been told or believe. Discover the truth about search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. How is your website really doing?

mednavigate website before and after

Developing a Brand Identity & Website: Case Study

We created a new brand look, feel, and messaging for a company’s website. And we extended it to other marketing tactics.


Generating Leads and Growing Revenue: An SEO Case Study

Read how we generated leads and grew revenue for a large corporation.


25 Worst SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Read about current, emerging, and classic SEO mistakes.


Our SEO Process: How We “Do” SEO

How does SEO work? Learn how we “do” SEO, our SEO process, and how we’re different from other local SEO agencies.


Our Website Design Process…and How We’re Different

See how our website design process differs from other web design and marketing companies. Learn about our 8 steps and how we use SEO and writing best practices to help you get found on Google.

Google Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Logo SEO A Case Study

A Small Business SEO Case Study

This SEO case study describes a small business owner’s search engine optimization (SEO) journey with Nancy Burgess...

Google Trends: 15 Tips for SEO

With the latest Google trends, the search giant made some significant clarifications that can help marketers, web developers, and content writers achieve better SEO results. We’ve updated our Google advice again, offering 15 SEO Tips and Best Practices that are relevant in 2021.


Local SEO: Why SEO Needs a NAP

Discover why SEO needs a NAP–and a consistent one so that your local business fares better in the search engines.


How Do I Get My Business on Google?

Each month about 24,000 business owners and entrepreneurs ask how to get your business or website on Google. Not only is it a popular question “to Google” but also it’s a question without a single simple answer.

if you build it, they won't come on computer monitor

How to Get Website Traffic: 10 Tips

There’s no point in having a website if nobody finds it. Here’s how to garner website traffic.

brand with colored pencils

Brand Identity Case Study

We highlight a rebranding case study that divulges our process for building a brand identity and differentiating it from competitors.

four small business pricing strategies based on price and quality: skimming pricing, premium pricing, economy pricing, and penetration pricing

11 Pricing Strategies for Small Businesses to Consider

Product, price, promotion, and place. Here’s what you should consider when pricing your product or service.

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