Small Business Marketing Consultant

Do you need a small business marketing consultant?
Are you a startup company? A small business that needs to grow its online presence? Are you looking for affordable SEO services for your medium-size or small business?
Need better strategies or follow-through on your marketing?
If your business isn’t large enough to have its own marketing department, consider our small business marketing consultant services.
We offer fully integrated online marketing and the best practices of branding, communications and traditional marketing.
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These services help you achieve measurable success.
What’s more, we’re nimble. You won’t pay for layers of red tape—or the overhead of traditional brick and mortar agencies. You’ll avoid the time spent cutting through that bureaucracy. You’ll also avoid the high price tags. Traditional agency costs can be staggering for a solopreneur, small- or even medium-size business.

Three Core Areas of Service for Small Business Marketing

small-business-marketing-consultant-digital-traditional-personalThe three petals of our brand icon (the dynabloom) represent digital, traditional, and personal marketing for our clients.
The unified whole of the dynabloom represents the dynamic impact of integrating these marketing services for your business. We’ll work with you to develop your strategy and implement your plan. In other words, we think AND do.

small-business-marketing-consultant-traditional-marketing-brandingSmall Business Marketing Consultant: Traditional Marketing

If you’re just getting started, you’ll need a few basic tools to promote your business: a brand identity, a logo, website and business cards.
As a small business marketing consultant, Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing helps new and existing companies with a variety of traditional marketing and branding needs. We conduct marketing research, build brand identities, create logos, formulate messages, and position brands against the competition.
We also create brochures, sales aids, banners, and other print marketing collateral.
Additionally, we can help with your writing needs. Owner Nancy Burgess is an award-winning writer who has written for nationally known publications. Drawing on years of marketing agency experience, we offer the following traditional marketing services to help your company achieve success:

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Small Business Marketing Consultant: Digital Marketing

small-business-marketing-consultant-digital-marketingWe are experts in online marketing. We understand search engine optimization (SEO)—that is, how to get your website crawled and found by Google, Bing and other search engines.
Owner Nancy Burgess was trained at DePaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School in practical internet marketing and social media. Further, she is certified in email marketinginbound marketing and content marketing.
Additionally, we’ve advanced the digital marketing capabilities of large corporations and small businesses. We also design company websites. Our case studies show a few of these examples.
In sum, we can help your company achieve success with these digital marketing services:

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Our Tiered Approach for Small Businesses

To meet your needs, whatever the size or resources of your business, we offer tiered approaches. For our website development we offer three levels of service:

  • Basic Site Development for Budding Ventures
  • Mid-Tier Services for Blossoming Companies
  • Top Tier Services for Flourishing Enterprises

Website Design Tiers


Small Business Marketing Consultant: Personal Marketing 

small-business-marketing-consultant-personal-reputation-managementPersonal marketing is the management of your reputation and the development of your individual brand.
Whether you’re a solopreneur or a company with less than 50 (or so) employees, your personal brand matters, too. This is especially true if the company bears your name.
Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing provides personal marketing services. In today’s digital era, your online reputation matters. First, we assess your personal brand and digital footprint. We then work with you to develop an action plan, and then carry out the agreed-upon plan. This might include, for example, writing and optimizing your professional profile on LinkedIn.
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More on “Personal” Marketing

“Personal” marketing also encompasses the high-touch, personalized service that our clients receive: Measurable digital, traditional and personal marketing results delivered for you and the success of your business.
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