Branding: It’s More Than Just Lookin’ Pretty

For our branding services, we apply our marketing and copy writing talents. Plus, we partner with graphic designers, photographers, and others to create unique verbal and visual branding for our clients.

 Make your brand memorable

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Project a clean, fresh, professional image

Our Branding Services: Complete, Customized


Brand Strategy

Our proprietary brand identity tool will help hone and differentiate your brand from competitors. We can also build complete marketing plans.

Logo & Brand Icon Design

Your visual branding includes your logo, icon, and other imagery. We’ll create a meaningful logo that can be applied to both print and digital formats. We also do custom photography.


Brand Messaging

Know how to promote your brand verbally and in print with brand messages and a tagline that compel customers to act.

Brand Image Assets

You’ll need a website, business cards, headers for your social media and more. We’ll make it happen.

First impressions matter.

What would the value of getting more customers or clients by making a good impression mean to you?

Download Brand Identity Questions for Your Brand

Our Branding Process

We’ll begin with discussions about your goals, your company, and how you’re different from competitors. We’ll use our proprietary branding tool. Then, we’ll evolve a logo and other visual and verbal brand elements that can help you stand out.  See our case studies.


Showcase your brand!  Read our latest in how to increase brand awareness for your product, service, or company.

Small Business Branding Online: 6 Case Studies

Read six mini-case studies about companies whose brands are at risk online. Discover branding solutions and learn how an online brand identity is created.

Developing a Brand Identity & Website: Case Study

We created a new brand look, feel, and messaging for a company’s website. And we extended it to other marketing tactics.

Taking a Manufacturer’s Brand to the Next Level: Case Study

We created a new brand look, feel, and messaging for a manufactuer’s brand. We updated their messaging, imagery and website. Then we extended it to other marketing activities.

Our Website Design Process…and How We’re Different

See how our website design process differs from other web design and marketing companies. Learn about our 8 steps and how we use SEO and writing best practices to help you get found on Google.

Creating a Launch Marketing Plan for a B-to-C Company: Case Study

At the end of June, an emerging company tapped Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing for its small business marketing. The company is My 3D Mini Me. Its goal was to launch in two months.

Creating a Brand Identity: Case Study

In creating a brand identity (logo, tagline, messaging) for a client, we developed a brand that is relevant online and offline. Read the Case Study.

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