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The 2021 Complete Social Media Marketing Guide for SMBs

We mean COMPLETE social media marketing guide! We’ve written 8 chapters in about 60 pages. Read the ones that interest you.

  • 2021 Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Best Practices for All Social Media Platforms–includes 65 social media posting ideas
  • Deep Dive into Facebook 2021
  • Deep Dive into Instagram 2021
  • Deep Dive into LinkedIn 2021
  • Deep Dive Into YouTube 2021
  • Skimming the Surface of Four Social Media Channels
  • 2021 Social Media Marketing Trends

Lots of pics, too!  Everything your small or mid-size business needs to know about social media marketing in 2021. Whether you’re just getting started or simply looking to learn more, download this free resource!

Easy SEO™ Content Template

Easy SEO™ Content Template enhances your ability to write search engine optimized (SEO) friendly copy for website pages.


2021 Valuable SEO Resources & Links: A Quick Access Guide

The 2021 SEO Resources & Links: A Quick Access Guide

  • Created for web designers and web design agencies to ensure that SEO best practices are kept up to date
  • 2-page resource includes more than a dozen links to the most valuable SEO tools and information on the internet

Brand Identity Questions

Brand identity questions can help you understand your product, service, company or even your own personal branding and differentiate it from competitors.


Marketing Plan Template

The Marketing Plan Template is a companion piece for the Key Components to a Marketing Plan. Use annually for your product or business.

Each company, product and/or service needs an annual marketing plan. This marketing plan template will help you organize your plan.

  • Includes headers for your sections.
  • Identify the ideal target audience or market segment for your business.
  • Understand your competitors and how you will differentiate your company, product, or service.
  • Create a marketing strategy and tactics to support it.
  • Know your marketing budget and what your tactics will cost.
  • Measure your success.

SEO Champions Checklist™ for Websites

SEO Champions Checklist™ 2021 is created for web designers and web design agencies to ensure that SEO best practices are systematically implemented.

  • 1-page resource includes 17 categories with descriptions of SEO best practices.
  • Outlines roles for web designer/web developer, SEO strategist (or content writer), and project manager.
  • Helps ensure on-page SEO.

Hottest Marketing Tactics and Trends for 2021

We’re on fire! Don’t be alarmed. These HOT trends are coming soon!

Time to Upgrade Your Marketing?

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