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Our Content Creation Services: Writing People Will Read

We combine a natural writing ability, agency writing experience, and publications experience. Then, we mix in considerable SEO training to create compelling content for you and your prospects, customers or clients.

Our Content Creation Services Benefit Our Clients & Others’ Clients

Our content creation clients include large and small businesses who work solely with Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. in Palatine, IL. Sometimes these are clients who have marketing teams but need more help with the time-consuming task of writing. Other times, we are designing a client’s website.

Additionally, we write SEO content for other web designers and developers whose website project completions rely on getting SEO-optimized content onto web pages. We help them speed the process and offer a value-added service for their web clients.

We Believe All Web Content Should Achieve Four Goals

Achieve Your Brand’s Goal for That Web Page

Promote and Be Consistent With Your Brand Messaging

Achieve the Website Users’ Goals

Be Able to Be Crawled, Indexed and Ranked by Search Robots

Our Customized Content Plans Fit Your Needs

No Matter Your Industry

Content Strategy

We’ll develop a plan to drive traffic to your website and engage your prospects or customers once they’re there.

Keyword Research

Understanding your customer’s language and how they talk about your product or service is paramount.

Blogs and Insights

Keep your website content fresh and interesting with weekly or monthly articles.

Website Content

We’ve developed a proprietary SEO optimized content template that allows you to put copy on your website that promotes your brand and is easy to scan or read.

eBooks & eGuides

So called, long-form content is a great way to create interest and collect email addresses in order to continue the conversation with your prospects.


Yes, we “do” print! We’re…shall we say…mature. Our print experience is extensive.


Hate to write? Or don’t have the time? We’ll interview you and make you sound smart. 😉


Need to develop or sharpen the look of your PowerPoint? We’ve got this.

Clients: What if you could drive more people to your website with your SEO-optimized content?

Clients and Web Designers:  What if you could launch your website sooner, because you didn’t have to wait for website content? What would that mean for your business?

Web designers: What if you could offer additional valued content services to your clients?

Testimonial: Experienced and Valued

“I always appreciate Nancy’s willingness to dig into a topic, take the time to gain a full appreciation of the issues, and then create engaging content. Nancy was an integral part of our brand consultancy and clients highly valued her contributions.”

Mark Stinson, Stinson Brand Innovations

Testimonial: Industry-Leading

“Nancy really knows marketing! Whether it’s long-standing traditional techniques or the latest in social media and web-based tools (SEO, inbound, WordPress, HubSpot, Facebook, etc.) she has a handle on all of them and can effectively help apply these to your companies growth strategies. She also has one of the very best LinkedIn profiles I have ever seen…which means an awful lot coming from a guy that makes a living helping people with LinkedIn 🙂”

Wayne Breitbarth, LinkedIn Expert, Sales Trainer and Author

Testimonial: Trustworthy & Ethical

“Nancy is a strong writer and strategic thinker who always strives to do what’s best for the client and for the company. She loves learning new skills and masters them quickly. Nancy is trustworthy, ethical, and works collaboratively with others.”

Marita Gomez, Marketing Communications Agency

Testimonial: Enthusiastic & Creative

“Nancy has a unique balance of all the qualities you would look for in a marketer. She’s not only enthusiastic and creative, but knowledgeable about her industry and determined to help you get your project finished on a deadline. Nancy helped me created a direct mail project for an independent senior living facility in our area. She developed the overall plan and led me though step-by-step to make our idea a reality. She really listened to the message I was trying to portray and was able to create content for my mailer in the best version of “my voice” possible. In marketing it’s rare to find someone who can balance the old with the new (e.g. direct mail and digital). Nancy really does it all and you won’t be disappointed!”

Daniellah Salario, Assisting Hands

Three Ways to Get Your Written Content

We offer three ways for you to work with us. Which one would you prefer?

We can edit the copy you write. Research and write content for you.  Or interview you, and write content for you. No matter which route we go, you’ll always get to review and approve the final copy before it goes on your website. Whichever route you choose, we’re confident that you’ll approve.


Why Words Matter to Robots

The robots that crawl the internet can read code and words. They can’t read images. Search engines, such as Google, need to understand what your business is about. Words do that.

Why Words Matter to Humans

Words are powerful. They allow your prospects and customers to understand why they should choose you.

Why You May Want to Consider Us

We have extensive writing experience.

Back in the heyday of offline publications, we wrote for such well-known publications as the Chicago Tribune, Family Circle Magazine, Healthy Kids, and Modern Maturity (the AARP’s publication). Not only did we rise to the top of the editor’s slush pile (they accepted 3 in 30,000 a year, or 0.01%), but we learned how to pitch ideas to editors and news media. We also wrote brochures, direct marketing pieces, scientific articles, and more.

Beginning in the late ’90s, we expanded to news releases, sales materials, and websites. Email marketing, blogging, and brand messaging soon followed.

With nearly two decades of corporate and agency experiences, we’ve got this.

content-related BLOGS

Words can be powerful! Read our latest blogs related to content strategies.

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