Social Media Marketing & Public Relations

Both Social Media Marketing & PR Can Enhance Brand Awareness

Wondering why we combined these two? They’re a lot more similar than you might think.

Social Media Marketing and Public Relations (PR) Can:

Make your brand relevant to potential buyers

Enhance your brand’s image and prestige

Send traffic to your website

Public Relations and Social Media Services

The Best Marketing Campaigns Integrate a Variety of Tactics, Including PR and Social Media


News Releases

We’ll look for the right newsworthy slant, write your release, and put it over the wire. If desired, we’ll pitch your idea to producers, editors, and other media.

Social Media Posting

We’ll post regularly on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Bing Places or wherever we agree is most appropriate for your brand. Sorry kids, we don’t do SnapChat or Tik-Tok.


Social Engagement

We’ll monitor your social media channels, respond to followers, and interact with them as appropriate.


We’ll monitor the success of our efforts and use analytics to see which are most effective.

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What if more people knew you existed?

What if their opinions of you grew ever more positive?

Our Social Media Marketing & PR Process

We can prepare posts in advance and have you review them. Or if you’re comfortable that we understand your brand, we simply post for you. For news releases, we’ll interview you or write your quote for you to review. Additionally, we submit to newswire services and pitch to producers and editors.

For social media, we post and/or run ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We don’t do Snapchat or Tiktok.


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