Below, we’ve included 65 inspiring social media content ideas to stir your creative juices. This is a brief excerpt from our 2021 eBook on social media.

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Consider Your Social Media Strategy

Keep in mind that the content you create for your social media marketing will depend on your social media strategy:

  • The business goals
  • Your target audience
  • The social media marketing channel you’re using
  • Your audience engagement
  • Available analytics

Try Different Types of Media

If accommodated by the platform you’re using, you’ll want to try a variety of media: text only posts, static images, GIFs, and videos.

When you see what types of content are effective, create more of them. At the same time, always remember to stay on-brand and on-strategy. For example, you may adhere to certain fonts, color pallets, messaging and more.

Always start with your strategy. Know the purpose of your content, then measure your success.


Create Amazing Content

The type of content you can generate is limited only by your imagination and the current capabilities of the social media channel. Never post only promotional content. At the same time, don’t get off-brand while being “social.”

The 65 Inspiring Social Media Ideas

1.      Repurpose web content, blog and videos

2.      Curate content (eg, industry facts and figures).

3.      Post about your trade shows.

4.      Focus on trending topics.

5.      Share tips or advice.

6.      Offer a video testimonial.

7.      Showcase a customer review or testimonial.

8.      Publish about “National X Day” or “X Awareness Month.”

9.      Refer to hashtag holidays and social media calendars.

10.  Create a daily, weekly or monthly series.

11.  Participate in Motivational Monday.

12.  Create a Tuesday Tip.

13.  Offer Wednesday Wisdom.

14.  Post a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday photo.

15.  “Ask Me Anything” (AMA).

16.  Team with another brand (co-marketing).

17.  Spotlight a customer.

18.  Conduct a video interview.

19.  Share a company milestone.

20.  Show off your company culture.


Experiment with different types of media, but stay on brand. Do more of what meets your goals.

21.  Provide industry news.

22.  Ask a question.

23.  Share a product video.

24.  Celebrate a national holiday.

25.  Highlight your company philanthropy.

26.  Answer a frequently asked question.

27.  Post an infographic.

28.  Link to a free resource.

29.  Recruit for a job opening.

30.  Announce a new team member.

31.  Share “on this day” in history.

32.  Garner email signups.

33.  Offer an inspirational quote.

34.  Share a statistic.

35.  Promote a partner or vendor.

36.  Remind people who you are, how your company began.

37.  Share a personal story.

38.  Showcase your products.

39.  Entertain with a joke or humorous ideas.


Never be purely promotional. Your organic content should be engaging and social—not pure advertising.

40.  Share a favorite read.

41.  Ask for book, TV, music or business-related recommendations.

42.  Host a sale or flash sale.

43.  Share behind-the-scenes content.

44.  Give away a gift or coupon.

45.  Offer a promotion or discount.

46.  Thank your fans.

47.  Share good news or other positive PR.

48.  Share a win or result.

49.  Offer lessons learned from a failure or loss.

50.  Educate your audience about a little-known product or service feature.

51.  Post about upcoming events.

52.  Announce where you’ll be speaking.

53.  Show someone using your product.

54.  Shout out or mention other brands, companies, or people.

55.  Share a few of your favorite things.

56.  Post a fill-in-the-blank.

57.  Share another one of your social profiles to engage on another social media site.

58.  Share your contact info.

59.  Ask your audience how they found you.

60.  Repurpose user-generated content from fans/followers.

61.  Host a contest.

62.  Include tag a friend content.

63.  Post a how-to video.

64.  Poll your audience.

65.  Ask for follows or connections on this or another social media platform.


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